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Curtains and Fabrics

  • Can I return my curtains if I change my mind?

    No, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges of our curtains, as they are hand-made to your exact measurements as specified. This of course does not affect your statutory rights.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Our handmade curtains can take up to 28 days before delivery.

  • Can I get a fabric sample?

    You can order a fabric sample by choosing your required product, selecting "try a sample" and adding this to your basket. Fabric samples are approximately A5 in size, depending on the design. The first two samples are free and thereafter they are 75p each (which include VAT and postage to UK), these are posted and should arrive within 5 working days. For countries outside the UK postage cost is quoted at checkout/cart stage and delivery can be slightly longer.

  • How do I measure my curtains?

    When you select your preferred curtain header, the site will guide you through how to measure correctly for your perfect made to measure curtains.

  • What does hand-made mean?

    Our curtains are hand-made carefully to your exact requirements. They are individual cut, and widths of fabric are joined on a sewing machine, side seams are hand-stitched, as are hems with mitred and weighted corners. They are not readymade curtains, which are often made by machine. Our curtains are created by one of our curtain makers, to your requirements and are a hand-crafted, individual product.

  • What are readymade curtains?

  • Readymade curtains are mass made, cut in bulk layers and put together by machine. Including headers, seams and hems.

  • What do the different curtains headings mean?

  • Pencil Pleat – Pencil pleat curtains come with 7.5cm deep pencil pleat tape. This popular heading is suitable for all types of rails. The multi-pocket tape allows you to insert the hook to suit your rail and then gather the curtain to your desired fullness. Pencil pleat curtains can also be hung on a pole using curtain rings.
  • Pinch Pleat – Pinch pleat headings are stiffened with heading buckram and then individually hand pleated. The width of this ornamental fixed heading which is very smart, cannot be adjusted once made. We will allow 15cm per curtain for additional fullness. The depth of the heading is adjusted to the curtain length. Curtain drop to 168cm has a 10cm heading, curtain drop to 259cm has a 12.5cm heading and curtain drop over 260cm has a 15cm heading.
  • Tab Tops – A Tab Top heading is created with tabs spaced approximately 15cm apart, and at a standard length of 10cm. These curtains are not so easy to draw.
  • Eyelets – This contemporary, smart heading is created using an equal amount of rings spaced approximately 12cm apart and 3cm from the top of the curtain. The eyelet heading is suitable for a pole diameter no greater than 35mm.

  • How big are the eyelets?

    Eyelets are available in a selection of eight colours and fit a pole up to 35mm in diameter.

  • Why should I choose dimout lining?

    All our curtains are made with a quality lining in cream, white or ivory but for additional light prevention, we would recommend dimout lining instead. Especially useful for small children or those who work at night. Dimout lining is available in cream or white. It does not entirely block the light but allows less light through the curtain than our standard lining.

  • Why should I choose interlining?

    All our curtains are made with a quality lining in cream, white or ivory but certain fabrics, especially silks, do look more luxurious if they are interlined, which is a thick blanket type fabric stitched between the finished fabric and the lining. So interlining will enhance the look of your curtains and has the added benefit of improving heat and sound insulation, but it will make the curtains bulkier.

  • My curtains are not the correct size?

    Our curtains will have been made to the measurements you entered into the site. These measurements would have been stated in your confirmation email. If a mistake has happened please do contact us via email at and we will be happy to help.

  • My curtains are faulty, what do I do?

    If you believe there is a fault with the curtains you receive please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • Can I return my fabric if I change my mind?

    Sorry no, as the fabric has been cut to the length you ordered. This of course does not affect your statutory rights.

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