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Earthborn paints differ from conventional paints they do not believe you should have to sacrifice quality or style to protect your health or the environment. Earthborn use ingredients, such as plant derivatives, clays and earth pigments, carefully selected from natural and, wherever possible, sustainable sources to ensure the finished paint products are healthier to use and better for the environment. Earthborn Claypaint allows surfaces to breathe, which is better for the building fabric, helps create a more comfortable living environment and reduces the build-up of static and allergens.

Earthborn Claypaint has been awarded the prestigious Ecolabel 'Flower' symbol by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs. The accreditation is awarded to goods and services that meet the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU ecolabelling scheme. Earthborn provide stylish, high performance products that are safer to use and sound for the environment

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Earthborn image


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